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MediaGlyphs Project - Words through Notes

Following the steps of François Sudre (who created a musical language - called "Solresol" - in XIX century), the MediaGlyphs ("MG") language can also be rendered in music.
Words, concepts, sentences, texts can be sang or played instead than being displayed on a screen, printed on paper or read aloud.
This is accomplished by a simple translation of the existing pronunciation of the Glyphs in music.
Every glyph in the basic vocabulary has a short sequence of notes attached. These notes can be sung, hummed, played on any instrument.

What is MG?
First appearance: Mon May 6 20:00:02 BST 2002 - | - Last modified: Fri Mar 12 09:43:23 CET 2010
MGmuch | very (to a great degree or extent or intensity)