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Morphology codes reference chart

The following table illustrates the morphology codes used for MediaGlyphs entries, their full names and representative examples. The codes for verbs refer to the "verb frames" which detail the ways in which the verbs can be used in sentences: multiple verb codes can be assigned to a verb.

Code Explanation Example
- no category MG
num numeral MG
neg negative MG
sentence sentence [MGMGMG]
prep preposition MG
postp postposition MG
conj conjunction MG
adj adjective MG
-adj adjectival suffix (makes adjectives) MG
adv adverb MG
-adv adverbial suffix (makes adverbs) MG
noun noun MG
-noun noun suffix (makes nouns) MG
ppron personal pronoun MG
qpron interrogative pronoun MG
npron negative pronoun MG
ipron indicative pronoun MG
title title MG
verb verb (intransitive) MG
verb_n verb >noun (normal transitive) MG
verb_c verb >subclause MG
verb_v verb >anotherverb (auxiliary) MG
verb_aj verb >adjective MG
verb_n_n verb >noun >noun (double transitive) MG
verb_n_c verb >noun >subclause MG
verb_n_v verb >noun >verb MG
verb_n_aj verb >noun >adjective MG

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