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Some background information

The MediaGlyphic language is made with images and these are displayed in browsers or with customized display programs.
Every glyph has a code assigned (made by two letters or numbers) and by this code the glyph is accessed, displayed, transmitted.
The codes are the filenames of the files holding the glyphs' images and of those containing the glyphs' translations.
The informations about the glyphs are stored in the databases and retrieved from there using the glyphs' codes.

In this way, it's not necessary - for example - to send images back and forth over the internet.
When transmitting a sentence written in MG, only the codes for it need to be sent. The receiving party's system would decode those codes and display the correct images.
And even very long documents would occupy, when encoded, few kilobites (as opposed to several megabytes if all images would be somehow embedded).

For example, the sample sentence

can be stored or transmitted as the simple short string
(where each pair of consecutive characters specify a single glyph in the sentence).

Entire MG texts can be transmitted as SMS between mobile phones (although the phone should need some special software to display them in a human-understandable form...).

How does this affect the user?

All the operations of access, display, storage, transmission... of MG-codes are (or will be) automatically done by the programs, without the user needing to worry about codes.

But while the necessary software is being created, a simple cut&paste operation is enough to display any MG-message you might receive, as in the following example:

More information

A technical document/reference is available for the programmers of MG input and display software and for those interested in the technical aspect of the encoding.

This page details how to transform MG codes into MG sentences (i.e. how to display MG codes) from inside any webpage
What is MG?

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